Monday, 6 March 2017

#30Wears: Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Studded Sandals

I'm amazed we are in March already! Baby boy's birthday is this month and it really doesn't feel like he's almost a toddler. A new month means a new 30 wears, this time sharing 30 ways I've worn my Rebecca Minkoff studded gladiator sandals. I explain more about 30 wears here and why I'm doing it.

#30 Wears: Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Studded Sandals

I bought these studded gladiator sandals in October after having my eye on them for a while. Amy Ann wore them so well on her blog! I originally wanted the gold pair, but waited for the Shopbop sale and these blush ones were the only ones left in my size. I'm glad I ended up with this pair, the neutral colour goes with absolutely everything. 30 wears in 5 months is pretty good too, considering I mostly live in my Havaianas over our hot and humid Queensland summers.

Wearing Studded Gladiator Sandals and Dresses

A simple dress and sandals combination is ideal for warm weather. I haven't been able to wear these sandals with all the dresses in my wardrobe yet as they aren't all breastfeeding friendly, but I'm eager to wear them with more dresses soon. The sandal straps are ankle height so they work perfectly with knee-length, midi or maxi length dresses.

The only problem with pairing them with maxi dresses is that you don't always get to see the sandals under the long hem, but it's a combination I adore anyway. The neutral pale blush shade means you can wear them with brightly coloured or printed maxi dresses, and I've enjoyed wearing them that way. Three of the dress outfits above are my favourite on this page.

Wearing Gladiator Sandals and Maxi Skirts

Just like when I wear these sandals with maxi dresses, it can be hard to see them peeking out from under the hem. As they go with everything though, I'm happily wearing them under maxi skirts. Wearing them with my chambray maxi skirt is an outfit staple for me, as you can see from the pics!

Studded Gladiator Sandals and Printed Skirts

This is another reason I'm glad I got the neutral blush colour - I can pair them with any colour print and they work well. Stripes go with everything, but they also look good with my knee length pleated printed skirt.

Studded Gladiator Sandals and Printed Shorts

Just like the printed skirts above, the sandals work equally well with printed shorts. Sandals and printed shorts look a little less casual than my usual Havaianas, so this is a nice combination to feel a little more pulled-together. Again I don't have to worry about what colours I'm wearing with them and can stick with the pallette in the print of the shorts, or be more adventurous and try pink and yellow too.

Studded Gladiator Sandals and Printed Kimonos

You can see I love my Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag and my Somedays Lovin' kimono just as much as my sandals! I tend to reach for these sandals more often when I'm wearing colourful printed kimonos as they don't compete with the print or clash with any of the colours.

Studded Gladiator Sandals and Denim Shorts

Just like my chambray maxi skirt above, I think the studded gladiator sandals work so nicely with denim. Perfect with denim shorts on a hot day, and the neutral blush means I can play with prints or colour or both in the rest of my outfit.

I like these studded sandals so much I've even considered buying another pair in a different colour, once my #6MonthsWithoutShopping challenge is over of course. The only downside to these sandals is that they have a lot of buckles to do up, which isn't ideal when you're already running late trying to get yourself and two little boys dressed and out the door on time!

They are extremely comfortable though, even from the first wear, and are available in so many different colours. Really easy to care for too - as they are leather I've treated them like all the other leather things I buy and have given them a quick waterproofing spray just to be safe.

There are a few places to buy the Rebecca Minkoff Georgina sandals, and they are on sale at most of them!

You can see all of the outfits I've worn my Rebecca Minkoff Georgina sandals with in my blog archives, or click the image below to see all 30 different ways to wear them side by side.

I hope you enjoyed this 30 wears post - feel free to share or pin!

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  1. I love this 30 ways! Though if I think about it this summer I've lived in my Puma Fentys and studded Spurr sandals hehehehe. Unintentionally but it does feel good to make the most out of our purchases.


  2. 30 wears in 5 months really is very good! I have been eyeing similar sandals many summers, but never actually found a pair that was comfortable.
    And yes, my son will be 1 tomorrow, and I will no longer have a baby at home. It feels crazy.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. You are definitely rocking this trend and getting your moneys worth. What with 30 wears in 5 months. I love your blush color too. Much as I love studded sandals, I don't own one, I must do something about it asap.

  4. Happy birthday to your baby boy this month, hun! I hope that he has the most amazing day. :) Also, these gladiator sandals are so gorgeous! I love that kind of style, it's versatile and pretty! I love how you styled it with the maxi dresses the most! :) xoxo


  5. I've been wanting a pair of studded sandals and these ones are SO cute and versatile!

    By Lauren M

  6. Waaaaaaooo, that's incredible!! You have worn these sandals in SO many ways, I love it!! My most worn shoes are also this blush/cream color, they seem to go with everything!

  7. Those sandals are so versatile and really dress up your outfits! I love all the ways you've worn them. It looks like they were a great purchase!

  8. Time flies! I hope he is doing great :) I love all the 30 ways you wore them. I had a pair before which I kept wearing with maxi dresses and skirts, this combo is my favourite.

    Have a great week :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. I've been on the fence about picking up a pair of gladiator sandals for so long! I really should just bite the bullet and get a pair. As you've shown, they're quite versatile.

  10. Now that's what I call getting your money's worth Mica ! Great set.

  11. Oooh I need to break out my sandals soon - it's finally barely starting to semi-warm up here in the States. BARELY. Lol but I'm so ready! xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  12. Time is definitely flying by Mica! What's great about those sandals is that they will go with skirts, pants & shorts. So much versatility with them.

  13. Great 30 ways! I think you picked the perfect colour. They go with everything but the studs give them that edge so they aren't boring or basic!

  14. That is a great cost-per-wear, Mica! It also demonstrates how we should spend on good quality items that are doing to get a lot of wear - another colour of this sandal might not be as versatile for you.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment today - it made my day!

  15. Those sandals are fabulous - they are neutral but still have a lot of visual interest, and are flat and stable so clearly it was easy to quickly get in 30 wears!
    Chic on the Cheap

  16. It's really amazing and inspiring what you're doing, Mica:) It really shows you how versatile some items are, you know? Love how you wore these sandals with all these fab outfits. Esp. digging them with the shorts.
    And yay for these sandals being so comfortable right off the bat! I find with sandals, I always have to break them in.
    Hope you're having a lovely day:) And pls give us some of your heat:D

  17. Hi Mica! I hope you're well. This is a fabulous idea for a blog post! I love the gladiator sandals, they're absolutely stunning, and you've styled them in so many versatile ways which are all ultra-chic. It's so helpful having neutral-coloured but flattering shoes, which can be styled in myriad ways. Your kimono collection is incredible and I love the Oriental influence it gives to your outfits.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Your comment was so kind and made my day.

    Lots of love Saba xx

  18. These gladiator sandals look perfect and so versatile! I love the blush colour! It definitely would go with absolutely everything!


  19. Mica, I do this, buy shoes in more than one color if I love them enough. I really love it styled with the maxi, but they look great as a summery style with dresses shorts etc. Love your examples!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

  20. I totally thinking treating yourself to another pair after your shopping ban is appropriate. Especially when you consider how much wear you're getting out of them! I won't be ashamed to say I have these same little bow sandals in two colors because I loved them that much. (;


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