Monday, 13 November 2017

Colourful Pants and Black Shirts for the Office

When we arrived home from Sydney, it was cold and wet, not the kind of days I feel most motivated for outfit wise. There was also the added 'frump factor'. Maybe because we stayed in the centre of the city, maybe because we frequently walked past restaurants and people celebrating, but everyone in Sydney just looked so put-together and glamorous. I came away from the trip feeling a bit frumpy and very mumsy after having a toddler strapped to me in the carrier almost every day.

I slipped back into a simple outfit formula for work that I've relied on many times in the past - colourful pants and ankle boots. Minimal thinking required, perfect when feeling uninspired. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I stuck with my pants rut for a few days until the weather warmed up and I pulled out one of my favourite dresses to change things up a bit!

What I wore:

colourful pants for work with ankle boots star print shirt brown accessories navy mac | awayfromblue

balenciaga autumne truffle brown classic RH day hobo bag navy coat | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram star print shirt grey pants navy mac office wear rainy spring
JacketJeanswest Monica Mac coat in Indigo
NecklaceHouse of Harlow 5 station necklace in black and silver
Shirt: Zara star print shirt
PantsJeanswest 'shale' super skinny jeans
ShoesAsos leather Chelsea boots in tan
BagBalenciaga truffle brown RH classic day bag

Why I wore it:

I've contemplated letting these jeans go a few times, as when it comes to colourful jeans I'll usually go for my red or purple pair and these are a bit neglected. But they manage to be jeans that don't look like traditional denim and so work nicely for the office in the middle of the week. Not that blue jeans aren't worn during the week in my office, just that I try to keep them to casual Friday. A habit I had back when I worked 5 days a week.

I did wonder if cuffing these and adding the ankle boots made them look more like the jeans that they are, but it was cold and wet and since I don't have rainboots, ankle boots were the best way to go. I was grateful for these as I walked around in the rain. The brown Balenciaga day bag matches the Chelsea ankle boots quite nicely too I thought.

The star print shirt is a thrifted favourite - it has a nice relaxed fit so it's really comfortable (and I've worn it casually before) but the buttons make it formal enough for work. I find printed shirts great work to weekend pieces!

Last worn: navy mac, star print shirt, grey skinny jeans, Chelsea leather ankle boots, Balenciaga truffle day bag.

Other ways to wearnavy mac and printed dress, star print shirt and metallic jeans, grey skinny jeans and ruffle cami, Chelsea leather ankle boots and shift dress, Balenciaga truffle day bag and denim shorts.

Perfect for pregnancy: star print shirt in first trimesterskinny jeans and hidden baby bump, ankle boots and second trimester bump, Balenciaga day bag hiding an early baby bump.

Colourful Pants For Work Under $50:

What I wore:

burgundy pants black ankle boots brown balenciaga day bag trench coat | away from blue

Balenciaga truffle brown RH classic day bag | away from the blue
Jacket: Barkins beige trench coat 
ScarfAlexander McQueen Azure wool skull scarf
TopJeanswest 'Tilda' black shirt
PantsJeanswest 'Fiona' skinny leg pant in shiraz
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagBalenciaga truffle brown RH classic day bag

Why I wore it:

As you can see, in my rushed and frazzled state this morning I even forgot my usual final swipe of lippie before walking out the door. I spent a bit of time deliberating what necklace to wear, before deciding just to go with a scarf instead as it was easier. This colourful one stood out so I threw it on and quickly took photos before heading to work. Ended up keeping it on in the office to combat the office air conditioning which managed to be even colder than outside!

Picked the burgundy pants for a bit of colour to try and give my mood a boost, and the black henley shirt and ankle boots go with everything.

Just like the outfit above, I've worn these burgundy pants casually too. They are my favourite for work outfits though. I've unsuccessfully tried a few times to get these in other colours, but I've rarely found non-denim pants at Jeanswest since I bought these years ago.

Last worn: camel trench, Alexander McQueen skull scarf, black henley, burgundy pants, black ankle boots, Balenciaga truffle brown day bag (above).

Other ways to wearcamel trench and wrap dress, skull scarf and teal top, black henley and leopard print jeans, burgundy pants for work and weekend, black ankle boots worn 30 ways, Balenciaga truffle brown day bag and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancycamel trench in first trimester, henley in second trimester, burgundy pants and a belly band, ankle boots and pregnancy announcement, day bag for second trimester travel.

More Colourful Pants For Work Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

In a rush or an outfit rut and feeling the cold? Colourful pants and a black shirt is a quick and easy office outfit to keep you warm on a rainy day. Add ankle boots, a trench and even a scarf if it's really chilly.

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  1. I know what you mean by feeling mumsy and frumpy after a city getaway, it has happened to me numerous times as well. I don't think it helps, but to me you are one of the most stylish people out there, with great taste and a nice twist on outfits.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. Love that star top - it's fab! I think a pop of colour makes everything better. And here I was thinking it never got cold (or that wet) in Brisvegas :)

  3. Oh I know what you mean about feeling frumpy after a trip to the city, especially when most of the time you're with kids! I don't go in much anymore as my work is just on the fringe of the city and my workplace is pretty staid, but whenever I do go in during the week I feel rather underdressed. I feel the same whenever I'm in Melbourne too, everyone is just so stylish there!

    Eileen |

  4. Happy new week Mica! The colorful pants show an inner brightness add a fun touch to both looks. ...and as always you accessorized perfectly.

    I pray you have a wonderful week!


  5. I love star printed clothes, I recently received a star printed cardigan and I love it!! Your shirt is so pretty and I love how you paired it with the jacket and jeans in the first outfit and of course, the brown bag is the star of the show!!


  6. I'm sorry to hear you came away from Sydney feeling frumpy, though I can promise you that you won't have looked it! The star print on the shirt is so pretty and I love the turquoise colour of your scarf too :)

  7. I think, every mom has felt momsy at least once in their life, including myself.. but you are one of the stylish moms I've seen. Loved these outfits, you look amazing in these skinny jeans.

    Nina's Style Blog

  8. I love those first jeans! They're a nice cross between purple and gray! And I'm always a fan of burgundy ones too ;)

  9. I like these darker jeans as opposed to the brighter options myself. They seem dressier somehow. Pretty with your black tops! Your weekend sounded fun on your comment with the Santa pictures!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. I love the color of those first pants--you're right, the color makes them look a little dressier than the standard denim. And those ankle boots in the second look--LOVE those!! It's always so hard to go back to work after vacation--hope the day went well!

  11. I like both pairs of coloured jeans. I can't wear jeans to our office (except on casual Fridays), but these are very nice. The burgundy ones are my favourite.

  12. I totally need a go-to formula myself, I love your colored skinnies! I'm always mom jeans and a black turtleneck when I need something quick and put together.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  13. Woah woah woah, I've never seen you look frumpy throughout the however many years I've been reading your blog! It's so hot here! 34c! We're going into the city too so it'll be even hotter! Better than the cold weather back in the UK though, ha.

    Corinne x

  14. Lovely looks! I definitely think you should keep hold of the grey jeans they look great. Gemma x

  15. It's ok, you can count me as one person in Sydney who looked dishevelled and generally untrendy! You always look very well put together if you ask me. Sometimes I think Sydney is overly fond of putting a gloss on things that don't need it. It can be fun, but if you're in the wrong mood for it, it can make you feel a bit crap.

    I can't believe it was really that cold in Brisbane but I'll take your word for it! I'm sure things will have heated up by now.

  16. I'm so sorry you felt in that way although I'm convinced you felt only in this way and in fact you looked fantastic as usual! Love the colourful pants and black shirts combos - they suit you and I understand why you wear them often. Have a happy rest of the week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. I'm sure you looked great, but I know that I've felt less than glamorous while traveling more than once, especially when the kids were little...

    I love both outfits! Colorful pants are so fun!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  18. I know how you feel about feeling frumpy, I wouldn't worry too much about it as a Sydneysider myself, I think some people try really hard to look cool. Like your burgundy colour pants and a dotted top

  19. hard to go wrong with well fitting pants in different colors. I usually am in a rush in the mornings also and end up applying makeup in car lol. I usually leave a stash of accessories and makeup in the car for times when I'm in a rush to dress up and I need to add more to my outfit.

  20. I actually really love the Balenciaga bag here! I've not seen one like it before, but it's gorgeous!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  21. WOhooooo ! slowly catching up ;) you just reminded me of my burgundy jeans which have not seen the light of the sun in a few months !

  22. I love both the trench coat and Jeanswest Indigo Jacket. What great pieces! They will compliment many outfits. You know I love your colorful jean & pant collection!


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