Friday, December 19, 2014

Maxi Skirt Outfits: Brights, Neutrals and Yellow

I think I'm getting slightly better at taking self timer photos with my old little point and shoot camera after accidentally dropping my usual camera. Two more outfits - but only one was a Fox in Flats DAREcember style challenge outfit, the other was what I wore when I couldn't wear an outfit to meet the challenge that day.

Here's what I wore to take baby T for his vaccinations:
Ombre summer outfit seafolly maxi skirt yellow love tee
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
TeeHendrick Boards Love Changes Everything for Champ tee
Skirt: Seafolly runaway maxi skirt in sunset
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs

The style challenge for the day was "bright" so I wanted to wear a really colourful outfit. I thought this ombre maxi skirt would be perfect, paired with the yellow tee for even more colour. It would have been nice to have my normal camera and an accurate colour representation, but hopefully I won't be using this little point and shoot and self timer much longer.

Sadly, this tee isn't staying in my wardrobe. I don't know if it was because I last wore it when I was in the second trimester, or because baby T loves to grab and pull on things, but this tee has really stretched out. It's definitely not the size small it once was! I won't explain the full embarrassing story, but I ended up sharing more than I wanted to in the doctor's waiting room as baby T pulled on my top. Won't be wearing it again, as much as I love the message on it. I bought it over a year ago from Hendrick Boards, and a portion of that sale went to an animal shelter, so it's good that I can donate it and create more money for another animal shelter when it's sold through the AWLQ.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers, love changes everything tee, ombre maxi skirt, Havaianas.

Here's what I wore to go shopping with my sister:
Cream ruffle cami grey marle maxi skirt yellow Rebecca Minkoff swing bag
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
Necklace: Lovisa silver love knitted heart pendant necklace
Singlet: Jeanswest 'Maria' cami in cream
SkirtTarget grey marle maxi skirt
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow (on sale in black)

Wearing my Havaianas again! The style challenge for the day was 'killer heels' but there is no way I could wear them looking after baby T. I did take a pic of them on instagram for the challenge that day though. Flats are much more practical! I've had a few comments now and then on the blog that my outfits would look much better with something other than thongs, but I'm a Queenslander...thongs are my shoe of choice most of the time, especially on hot days. I'm not going to wear pretty shoes just to get a pretty picture, I share what I actually wear.

As I didn't pick my outfit out based on the style challenge prompt for the day, I just went with what was comfortable. The bright bag would have looked so nice with the previous day's outfit, but I just carried the baby bag then. I thought the yellow was nice against the neutral tones. Wore this to spend the day out shopping with my sister and baby T, crossing a few last minute things off our Christmas lists. This year I'd managed to run out of both wrapping paper and sticky tape, so we had to brave the madness that was our local Westfield in December. I try to finish my Christmas shopping before December every year just so I can avoid the stores, it's much too hectic for my liking.

Last worn: Rayban Wayfarers (see above), white ruffle cami, grey maxi skirt, Havaianas (see above), Rebecca Minkoff swing bag.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Darecember Style Challenge Outfits: Black Tank, Striped Skirt, Shirt, Shorts and Converse

More Fox in Flats DAREcember challenge outfits, as well as the continuation of photos from my old point and shoot camera since I damaged my camera. I am trying my best to get good quality photos, but I have to use the self timer and I don't have a lot of time to change settings and re-take a photo if it messes up on the first shot. Life with baby!

Here's what I wore to go to the doctors:
SunniesRayban new Wayfarers
Brooch: gifted floral brooch
TopZalora basics ruffle hem tank in black
SkirtCheap Monday interrupted stripe skirt in grey
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs

Simple outfit for a doctor's visit in the afternoon and staying at home all morning as we had the pest guy over. The style challenge for the day was "pinned", so I took the chance to wear this cute floral brooch from my bestie. I'd been meaning to pin it onto one of my bags so I can wear it more often, but I hadn't gotten around to it. I thought worn like this, it added some nice interest to this black tank too.

When I bought this tank and thought about all the ways I could wear it, I realised it was quite limited. I decided on this day to try wear it tucked in for a change, as I hadn't thought of that before. The top has a cute ruffle detail at the bottom so it's a slight peplum. This skirt flares out around the waist anyway so I didn't feel that the peplum added any bulk to it. It certainly would have been too much if I'd tried to layer it under a tighter more bodycon skirt though. Was really pleased with how this turned out, and how I managed to make the tank look quite different from how it looked the last time I wore it.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers, peplum tank, striped skirt, Havaianas.

Here's what I wore to run errands and do a bit of shopping:
Shirt: Target mint stripe shirt
ShortsJeanswest black denim cuff shorts
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black

Such a busy day! Had some errands to run in the morning, found and dropped my camera off at a repair place approved by my insurer, and then did a little bit of op-shopping (thrifting). I didn't buy anything, but I was on the hunt for a pretty dress for Christmas. This is the first year in a long time that I haven't bought a new outfit to wear on Christmas day, and I was hoping I could satisfy my urge for something new without spending too much by getting something second hand. One of the stores had a sale on and dresses were $5, but there was nothing perfect for me, so I passed on the ones I'd tried on. I didn't really need a new dress anyway, I have plenty! It's just a want.

This outfit was comfortable and cool for all the running around I did. The shirt is super-soft cotton, so nice. The style prompt for the day was "His". None of hubby's clothes would fit me, and I definitely couldn't wear anything that belongs to the baby or the I went kind of menswear inspired with the shirt and Converse Chucks. Thought it was a nice twist on the theme.

Last worn: striped shirt, denim shorts, Converse.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfortable Dressing: Black Maxi Skirts and Tanks. Animal Print, Sparkle and Stripes

2 more DARECEMBER style challenge outfits, and it just happened to be two black maxi skirt outfits! A very comfortable couple of days.

Here's what I wore to go out to the post office:
Tank: Jeanswest animal print racer back singlet
SkirtJeanswest plain jersey black maxi skirt
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagMarc by Marc Jacobs pretty nylon Eliz-A-Baby bag

The style challenge for the day was "in the wild" so I knew I'd have to wear something with a bit of animal print in it. Went with this tank. Last time I wore it I mentioned that although it's rarely worn, it always seems to survive my wardrobe clear outs. I think that's because while I don't love it, there's nothing wrong with it. It's comfortable and easy to wear, and the print is different from any of my other tanks. I wore it with the intention of finally making my mind up about if it should stay or go in my wardrobe, and to be honest I'm still on the fence! So it's staying in my wardrobe again for now, will see how I feel next time I wear it!

This was a casual and comfy outfit - I didn't have much to do so comfort was the most important thing. We spent the morning finally setting up the Christmas tree (so behind with that!) and then in a break in the drizzle I went out for a walk with baby T and Cooper as we had to mail some parcels. Was a little bit behind with Christmas presents and cards too!

Last worn: animal print tank, black maxi skirt, Havaianas, Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag.

Here's what I wore to go out in the morning and have lunch in the afternoon:
TopFrench Connection feather foil singlet
SkirtTarget black and white striped maxi skirt
Shoes: Wittner 'Jasmarie' studded sandals

A little bit of a busy day! Baby T and I went to the library rhyming session with my mother in law, and then we went out for a family lunch in the afternoon with everyone. It didn't take long for baby T to leave his milky mark on this tank, but hopefully the pretty sparkle distracted everyone from the spit-up!

The style challenge for the day was "all black", but I thought I'd be a little different by adding some stripes and colour through the glitter on the tank. As it was another rainy day, the darker outfit seemed quite fitting. Again, no bag of my own as I just carried the baby bag.

You might notice the difference in quality between the first and last photos! In all the excitement of setting up the Christmas decorations and taking lots of photos of baby T's first Christmas tree...I managed to damage my camera. The lens hit the ground and it's definitely not in working order any more. I've been on maternity leave for 6 months now, and with Christmas as well....the budget can't really stretch to replace the camera. Thankfully, the camera was insured against accidents (for clumsy people like me!). It means it won't cost us much to fix it, but we do have to go through the process laid out by the insurer. There are a lot of insurance claims at the moment in Brisbane after the super storms we had a few weeks back, so it is completely understandable that the claim to fix my camera is quite low priority.

I've reverted back to the little point and shoot I first used for the blog. It will be self timer photos for a while. I don't know how long I'll have to use this camera for, but hopefully not long. I'd really like to have my camera back and fixed so I can take lots of photo and video for baby's first Christmas....just reminding myself that I'm lucky to have still kept my old camera to fall back to, and that the camera was insured and that the claim we are waiting on is for something so small and non-essential.

Last worn: glitter singlet, striped maxi skirt, studded sandals.

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