Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter Lunch Outfits: Blue Printed Dresses and Bright Accessories - Rebecca Minkoff Bags

I'm still behind with blogging what I wore. Or as Ellen said when I previously pointed this out, I'm so organised that I'm prepared two weeks in advance, ha! So this is what I wore over the Easter long weekend. We ended up having two Easter lunches -  with my side of the family on Sunday, and with hubby's side of the family on Monday. I kept my outfit simple for both events and took the easy route with printed dresses, and of course they were both blue.

What I wore: bodycon blue paisley print dress acne pistol boots bright yellow bag

Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow with blue paisley print dress
BootsAcne pistol boots in "skin"
BagRebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow (on sale in black or pink)

Why I wore it:

I wasn't quite sure what to wear for Easter lunch with my family and then I remembered I hadn't worn this dress in a while. Was the perfect time to wear it! Added the boots as it was a little chilly in the morning, although by lunch time it had warmed up enough that I didn't need them. Wearing another layer with my shapewear under this dress again makes it quite warm too.

Thought that the yellow bag would be a lovely choice with this dress, nice and cheerful for Easter. Had Church Online in the evening with my 'church family' as well. I am so lucky to get to work with a bunch of awesome people every week. Our leader has been away for a few week as his wife recently had a baby, but he managed to come along so it was good having everyone together again to celebrate Easter.

Last worn: Ray-ban Wayfarerpaisley print bodycon dress, Acne Pistol Boots, Rebecca Minkoff yellow Swing bag.

Other ways to wear: bodycon dress with studded accessories, Acne pistol boots with denim shorts, Rebecca Minkoff swing yellow bag with purple dress.

What I wore:

Jeanswest Blue Printed Maxi Dress Easter Lunch outfit pastel accessories

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC with python embossed leather in aquamarine
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
DressJeanswest 'Chantelle' crochet detail blue printed maxi dress
BeltAsos skinny pale pink belt
ShoesBalenciaga studded sandals in sorbet RGGH
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC with python embossed leather in aquamarine

Why I wore it:

I wore this dress for Easter last year as well! I was in the third trimester then with my baby belly. I wanted to wear it again for Easter this year, without the baby bump! Just wore it to visit hubby's family instead of mine, as I'd worn it for Easter with my family last year ;)

Decided to add some colour to this blue dress with accessories too, just like the dress I wore the day before (above). I thought my aquamarine mini MAC and my sorbet pink Balenciaga sandals looked nice, even though the hardware on the sandals is gold and it's silver on the bag.
I used to be very careful to only wear all silver or all gold things to match the hardware on the handbag I was using every day, until I got my first Chloe Paddington bag, with its silver zips and gold padlock. Since then I've gotten a lot more confident at mixing metals. When it comes down to it though I think shiny things always look good with other shiny things, no matter what colour or mix of colour they are, ha!

Last worn: wayfarers(see above), blue printed maxi dress, pastel pink beltBalenciaga studded sandalsRebecca Minkoff aquamarine mini MAC.

Other ways to wear: blue printed maxi dress with a clutch for EasterBalenciaga studded sandals with a chambray shift dressaquamarine bag with green tank.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Corporate Style: Colourful Office Wear with Mulberry Alexa Bag

After my awesome wardrobe detox session with a personal stylist, I've been looking at my wardrobe differently. It's given me some more outfit ideas for old favourites, and a reason to re-wear some pieces that haven't been worn in a while. It's definitely generated a lot of inspiration for me with my wardrobe! Below are two outfits where I tried different things for my office wear. Quite colourful too with the pinks and blues and my lilac Mulberry Alexa bag.

What I wore:

black shrug cardi asos pink satin tank french connection stripe pencil skirt office

Away From Blue Mulberry regular Alexa bag in foggy grey
CardiganJeanswest black cardi
NecklaceHouse of Harlow sunburst necklace in silver and grey
TankAsos satin singlet in pink
SkirtFrench Connection 'Abby' twisted skirt
Shoes: Wittner 'Bolla' black bow detail flats
Bracelets: the usual plus JORD black Fieldcrest wood watch (C/O)
BagMulberry regular Alexa bag in foggy grey

Why I wore it:

I had wanted to wear this pretty skirt to the office again, after last time I wore it when I was finding it tricky to wear casually outside of the office. Pencil skirts are not the most practical or comfortable choice for life at home with baby! Good for the office though. I wasn't sure what to wear it with when I saw the tank and remembered that when Maudie did my wardrobe detox, she loved this top. And I do too! I've always wanted to find more like it, but have never had any luck. It's something that's been on my wishlist for a while, I keep looking for similar pieces. So easy to dress up or dress down, it goes with everything. And even hides a second trimester baby bump!

Kept the outfit simple and comfortable with flats - the skirt is quite clingy so I wasn't comfortable adding heels into the mix. Good for a fairly meeting-free day in the office.

Last worn: black cardigan, pink satin singlet, French Connection stripe skirt, black flats, Mulberry Alexa bag.

Other ways to wear: black cardigan with a printed top, pink singlet hiding a second trimester baby bump in the office, striped skirt for second trimester office wearblack flats with a black maxi dress, foggy grey Mulberry Alexa with a black outfit.

What I wore:

Print and texture outfit acne pistol boots french connection paisley dress boucle jacket

Away From Blue Mulberry Alexa bag in regular size worn on arm
Necklace: custom Cooper charm by Silhoupette
DressFrench Connection blue Paisley print dress
BootsAcne pistol boots in "skin"
BagMulberry regular Alexa bag in foggy grey

Why I wore it:

This dress was something I was thinking about donating, but I wasn't completely sure. It was one of my first dress purchases specifically for the office, back when I had just started my current job. Lots of fond memories. During my wardrobe detox Maudie wasn't overly impressed with the dress on me, but we spoke about it for a while and now I have a few different ideas for how to wear it. I won't let it leave my wardrobe just yet, although it definitely will be leaving at some point.

Was a little on the fence with this outfit though! I wanted to wear my new jacket and I tried on a few ideas in front of the mirror the night before, wasn't sure about the textured jacket with the printed dress...maybe a little too busy. In the end I couldn't make up my mind and decided I should just give the combination a go. I always tend to think my first few autumn layering outfits look a little off, takes me a while to get back into the layering mindset after the hot and humid Brisbane summers! Fashion is all about fun anyway, and it doesn't really matter if the outfits work or don't work I still get a chance to try again the next day! :)

One thing I did notice fairly quickly is that this jacket is not as ideal for the office as I hoped it would be. It's got zipper details on the sleeves, which are cute, but the zipper pulls are not the best when typing at a keyboard! So much noise...had to take the jacket off while I was at my desk. Something I hadn't thought about when I bought it! I like the mix of gold and silver thread through it though. Hoping the weather continues to cool so I can wear it more often.

Last worn: Paisley print sheath dress, Acne Pistol boots, Mulberry Alexa (above). First time I've worn the boucle jacket.

Other ways to wear: blue paisley print dress with pink accessoriesMulberry foggy grey Alexa with lilac and grey outfit.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Casual Skinny Jeans Outfits: With Prints and Colour. New Denim Purchase Reviews

Slowly we are starting to get some autumn weather in Brisbane. It's cooling down quite a bit in the mornings and evenings. I got the chance to wear more of my latest purchases; the skinny jeans I bought in March.

Last year I started sharing my purchases on the blog and giving myself the goal of wearing them twice in the month after I'd bought them, so I could review what I bought and see what worked and what didn't. I've found it really makes me think more before buying things. A lot of people give the advice that you should think of different ways to wear things before you buy them, it's nothing new. All I'm doing is putting that into practice. Knowing I'll need to come up with two different ways to wear something I buy because it's going to end up on the blog is helping me make more thoughtful purchases, and reducing the amount of impulse buys.

What I wore:

Away from Blue Casual Movie Date Outfit red skinny jeans Aztec print tank

Rebecca Minkoff quilted grey crossbody Love bag balenciaga wrap bracelet
SunglassesRayban new Wayfarers
NecklaceRoie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
TopAtmos&Here 'Florida' tank in Aztec print
Jeans: Emerson red skinny jeans
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual plus Balenciaga classic double tour bracelet in pearly grey
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey (mini version on sale in black!)

Why I wore it:

Last time I wore this tank I wore it with blue denim and a red bag. I really liked the colours in that outfit, so thought I'd wear it again with red jeans this time. Wore this outfit for a movie date with hubby. He found an old movie ticket gift voucher in his wallet that expired soon so we decided to use it as an excuse to see a movie together.

Second time I've worn these jeans, so my purchase review:
I like these, but I'm might have figured out why they were in the op-shop in the first place! I thrifted them (only $5, bargain!) when I was browsing my local op-shops. I'm trying to make more time to do that lately. After my wardrobe detox I know I need to look at some more colours and they make it so easy to shop organising things by colour.
They fit really well, and I was very excited to actually find a pair of jeans in my size in an op-shop, that almost never happens! After getting rid of my old red jeans a while back because they kept getting really baggy knees I've been looking for a replacement, so these were perfect. However, I noticed when wearing them that they seemed to stretch out quite bit through the day. The first time I wore them I only wore them for the morning and they were fine. This time I wore them all day and felt they started to get a little baggy by the end of it. Maybe I put too much fabric softener in the wash when I washed them though...will give them another go. I can always donate them back to the store if they don't work out.

Last worn: Ray-Ban WayfarersAztec print tank, red skinny jeans, HavaianasRebecca Minkoff Love bag.

Other ways to wear: red skinny jeans with a neutral top, Aztec print tank with maxi skirtRebecca Minkoff Love bag with printed shorts.

What I wore:

Autumn Skinny jeans outfit stripe tee ombre scarf Mulberry Alexa Bag

Away From Blue Mulberry Regular Alexa Bag Foggy Grey
ScarfJeanswest tri-colour dip dye scarf
TeeAtmos&Here stripe tee
JeansJeanswest Bindi skinny 7/8 jeans in indigo luxe
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagMulberry regular Alexa bag in foggy grey

Why I wore it:

It's been a long time since I last wore this tee, almost 5 months! There is nothing wrong with it, I really like it. It's just a sign I have too many tops as it takes me so long to get around to wearing it. this scarf is another really pretty piece that doesn't get a lot of wear as I have so many scarves. It's been almost two years sine I last wore it! I rediscovered it in my wardrobe detox - Maudie instantly started putting outfits together around it it's such a versatile piece. Need to give it more love.

And another purchase review: as this is the second time I've worn these jeans:
I love these jeans so much! I think I've gone on and on about them every time I've brought them up on the blog. I've had to try really hard not to buy more in different colours. I think the new 'Prima denim' line at Jeanswest is perfect. I've always been a fan of their jeans, but this pair has given me the push I needed to get rid of many other pairs of blue jeans in my wardrobe as they will never be as good as these.
They look good, they wear well through the day, they wash well and I am so glad I bought them. Even at full price! And after getting rid of multiple pairs of skinny jeans afterwards, I don't feel so bad about buying them. I had too many jeans anyway!

Last worn: ombre scarf, striped tee, skinny jeans, Havaianas(above), Mulberry Alexa satchel.

Other ways to wear: Aztec print dress and ombre scarfstriped tee with a maxi skirt, skinny jeans and pattern mixing, Mulberry Alexa with dresses and skirts and a third trimester bump.

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