Friday, 29 September 2017

Wearing Breastfeeding Clothes After You've Stopped Breastfeeding: Colourful Jeans and Blue Tops

Even though I'm no longer breastfeeding, I'm still happily wearing the maternity/nursing pieces I have in my wardrobe. The two blue tops below are perfect for breastfeeding. The blue tank is a specially designed nursing piece that I got while pregnant with Toddler T, and the wrap top is just a regular top I bought after Baby Boy was born. Both valuable pieces for breastfeeding, but also nice enough to wear afterwards!

What I wore:

spring breastfeeding outfit Mothers En Vogue tank purple jeans converse silver mini MAC | AwayFromBlue

roie designs swarovski beaded wrap bracelet, silver Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC | AwayFromTheBlue

awayfromblue instagram navy mothers en vogue breastfeeding tank spring SAHM style
Necklace: Nibbly Bits BB plum silicone teething necklace (C/O)
TankMEV Britney bubble tank in mood indigo C/O Zibibo
JeansJeanswest blackberry super skinny jeans
Shoes:  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
BagRebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC

Why I wore it:

Despite loving blue and purple together, this is the first time I've worn this navy tank with the purple skinny jeans. I really liked the combination and I'm surprised I haven't worn it before. Nice and simple outfit for a morning at playgroup and then running errands in the afternoon. The Converse were great for all the running around I did!

I'd forgotten that it was Superhero dress up day at daycare that week so I was that mum rushing around the stores in the afternoon trying to find super hero costumes! It seemed like everyone else had already done this a few days before as there were no little kids costumes to be found. Fortunately, a couple of masks and some superhero clothes the boys already had worked nicely for the day in the end.

The silicone teething necklace and the purple skinny jeans match beautifully together, so this was a good outfit for the 'matchy matchy' style challenge on Instagram.

It was nice to just wear a tank without a jacket - spring weather has been a little erratic lately but it's good to take advantage of warm days like this. The benefit of this tank and other specialised breastfeeding pieces that have hidden breastfeeding access is that you wouldn't know it was a breastfeeding top just by looking at it - definitely something that will stay in my wardrobe a long time!

Last worn: Mothers en Vogue breastfeeding tank, purple skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC.

Other ways to wear: breastfeeding tank and maxi skirt, purple skinny jeans and graphic tee, Converse and a dress, Rebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC and printed shorts.

Perfect for pregnancy: bubble tank in second trimester, purple skinny jeans in first trimesterConverse for second trimester travel, mini MAC and maternity shorts.

Colourful Jeans Under $50:

What I wore:

Dorothy perkins wrap top navy marle red skinny jeans spring breastfeeding outfit SAHM style | Away From Blue

red skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC | Away From The Blue

awayfromblue instagram  blue wrap top red skinny jeans
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Feather pendant in peach (C/O)
TopDorothy Perkins 3/4 sleeve wrap top
Jeans: thrifted Emerson red skinny jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagRebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC

Why I wore it:

Another breastfeeding friendly top, another pair of brightly coloured jeans. Unlike the tank above, this is just a regular wrap top that has the bonus of being perfect for breastfeeding in. And it's so soft and cosy. There might not be many more opportunities to wear it with our warmer spring weather having arrived, so it was good to get it out for another wear before I start to pack it and the rest of my winter things away.

Just like the outfit above, I was surprised to find that I hadn't worn this wrap top with the red skinny jeans before, and loved wearing them together. Again, I wore this to meet the day's style challenge on Instagram. This top was perfect for the 'wrap star' theme!

As I was wearing colourful clothes, I went with my usual fail-safe metallic silver accessories. This silver mini MAC bag goes with everything, as do the metallic bow detail ballet flats. They often get worn together!

Last worn: blue wrap top, red skinny jeans, silver ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC (above).

Other ways to wearblue wrap top and printed jeans, red skinny jeans and autumn layers, silver ballet flats and pencil skirt, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: red jeans at 12 weeksmini MAC and second trimester bump.

Wrap Tops Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

You don't have to get rid of all your breastfeeding clothes once you're finished with breastfeeding! Specifically designed nursing tops with hidden access for breastfeeding look just like normal clothes and transition beautifully into your wardrobe for motherhood post-breastfeeding. Which is helpful at reducing cost per wear, considering they are usually quite expensive to buy!
And of course wrap tops, v-necks and button ups continue to work in your wardrobe just like they did before breastfeeding.

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  1. It's been years since I breast fed my kids, and remember how I had to plan my outfits. Thanks for sharing and jogging my memory -lol You look super in this outfit. x Jacqui

  2. Hi Mica! I love how you still find love and value in your clothing after breastfeeding. The color combinations are beautiful and the metallic bag compliment perfectly. I pray you have a wonderful rest of the week!


  3. Love both of those tops! And they look great with the colored jeans! It's always nice to get use out of things after they've served their actual purpose :D

  4. I love how discreet these designs are, you can't even tell they're nursing pieces! The only nursing piece I've purchased so far is a bra, lol. I just wear tees and dresses that are easy when out with her, but I'll definitely have to invest in some pieces that are more practical. Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a great weekend!



  5. That's great that you're still getting use out of your breastfeeding tops, they're both really lovely. You always team your outfits together so nicely.

    Have a great week!

    Laura xo

  6. I loved both of these outfits :) They were simple, but really peppy at the same time. It's probably the coloured jeans (you wear them well!)

    Have a good weekend :)

  7. Love the blackberry skinny jeans! Your color combinations are always so pretty. Congrats on making the nursing- maternity wear clothes work so well for now! You look amazing!

  8. To look at them, you wouldnt even think they are breastfeeding tops. They look that good! Glad you can wear them after their purpose. Love that purple & navy together. Great necklace!

  9. That's awesome that you are still getting use out of your breastfeeding tops! And that teething necklace is super cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  10. I love the colors in these looks, especially the first look--what a pretty combo! Yay for versatility--I love that you still wear maternity/breastfeeding friendly pieces even if you don't HAVE to anymore. I will soon be in the same boat... SO close to being done pumping. I am looking forward to more wardrobe versatility as well!

  11. Blue and purple looks great together!! I don't know why I haven't tried this combination before myself!

  12. I'm glad you've been able to extend your nursing clothes into post-nursing outfits and you styled them perfectly! I definitely do not miss those nursing days and to be honest I was so tired of the 5 nursing tops I had on constant rotation that I got rid of them. You've made a much better decision.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  13. I love the red jeans. It's fab you're still wearing the breastfeeding clothes, there's no point in throwing away perfectly good clothing!

    Corinne x

  14. Fabulous idea! I love how functional these tops are but also totally in style - fashionable mommy wear at it's best!

  15. I like the wrap top! I won't need to think about maternity/nursing clothes for... quite some time yet, though it's always good to have pieces that can serve multiple purposes.

    I quite like the wrap top! It's a design that I always want to try, though the ones that I've ordered tend not to work for me. (I've often tried the looser fit, more drapey all over ones, but those don't tend to be flattering on me. I need something a bit more fitted at the waist.)

  16. These look like regular pieces so I think it's so great that it's pretty hidden as maternity/nursing clothing. I like the first look and also love those red jeans with the surplice knit top. Have a wonderful new week! <3 /Madison

  17. I'm due in 2 weeks and have just started buying nursing tops. I cannot wait to start losing weight however, as I've put on 35kg+ in this pregnancy! I'm pretty much only buying basics right now to get me through, probably a bit frumpy to be honest as I'm hating on my body. I really should try and get a bit more confidence and try to look a bit nicer with matching pieces.

    I love what you're wearing though, will definitely be looking for a similar wrap top specifically!

  18. I used to wear my breastfeeding clothes after too and my maternity jeans were on me until my kids were about 6 months. They were so comfortable that I didn't want to give them up! This looks great on you! xo, Sierra Beautifully Candid

  19. I love that second outfit. I've seen those jeans before and they are such a bright pop! You can rock them!


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