Monday, 27 November 2017

Printed Black Wrap Dresses For The Office With Purple Balenciaga Work Bag (and Cyber Monday Sales!)

I love wrap dresses. Perfect for breastfeeding in, I wore them on maternity leave and yet they work nicely for the office too. With a classic black and white print, it's easy to accessorise with colourful statement necklaces and a purple bag.

What I wore:

floral wrap dress, grey jersey blazer with statement necklace and purple work bag | away from the blue

Balenciaga 2009 raisin purple Balenciaga work bag GSH G21 hardware | away from the blue
Jacket: Jeanswest grey jersey blazer (new purchase, via facebook)
Necklace: Eye Candy LA 'Sasha' statement necklace
Dress:  Jeanswest floral wrap dress
SingletJeanswest Jenni basic singlet in Royal Lilac purple
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagBalenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag

Why I wore it:

This floral wrap dress is one of my wardrobe oldies. I love how well it worked for two pregnancies and afterwards, still going strong considering it's at least 10 years old. I added the purple singlet underneath for a little extra colour and more coverage for work. While the dress is floral print, I thought the statement necklace accompanied it nicely. The bright colours near my face and the blazer on top were a bit of a distraction too.

You thankfully can't really see it in the photos (unless you look too closely at my knee) but that morning I'd woken up covered in a rash having a reaction to something. Bright accessories to disguise that and I headed to work for a busy day with a bunch of meetings. I stopped off on my way into the office to get an antihistamine to try keep the reaction at bay. Unfortunately after the first meeting of the morning I realised that if I didn't take my bracelets off they were going to cut off circulation, I'd swollen up so much. Not fun. Off to the doctors and a shocking amount of medication later, I was restricted to working from home for a few days until everything died down. And it started to, and then we all caught gastro. It wasn't the best week!

Last worn: purple singlet, floral print wrap dress, silver bow flats, Balenciaga work bag. First time I've worn the blazer as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wear: grey blazer with stripespurple singlet and maxi skirt, floral print wrap dress in summer, silver bow flats and red skinny jeans, Balenciaga work bag and blue dresses.

Perfect for pregnancy: purple tank in second trimesterfloral wrap dress in second trimester, silver ballet flats and maternity jeans.

Black and White Wrap Dresses Under $50:

What I wore:

Atmos&Here black white zig zag Arlette jersey wrap dress tulip hem with colourful pink and purple accessories | Awayfromblue

zig zag wrap dress, Balenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag  | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram spring workwear atmos&here arlete jersey black white wrap dress purple Balenciaga bag
Necklace: pink bead statement necklace
DressAtmos&Here Arlette jersey wrap dress
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagBalenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag

Why I wore it:

A much better day health-wise when I wore this! Feeling better and back at work, again I went with the easy option of a black and white wrap dress. I stuck to a similar outfit formula, with the colourful statement necklace and the purple Balenciaga work bag.

Jersey wrap dresses like this are so comfortable, and the long sleeves and midi length skirt helped beat the slight chill when a storm rolled in that afternoon.

Last worn: Atmos&Here wrap dress, black ballet flats, Balenciaga purple work bag (above).

Other ways to wearAtmos&Here wrap dress and Louis Vuitton neverfull, black ballet flats and silk skirt, Balenciaga purple work bag and textured pencil skirts.

Atmos & Here Wrap Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Wrap dresses are a classic wardrobe staple, especially in black and white! Floral print or zig zags, you can't go wrong pairing them with bright accessories. Perfect office wear, and easy to add a blazer.

Cyber Monday Sales!

The sales and discounts are still ongoing if you haven't finished all of your Christmas shopping yet!

  • Shopbop Sale! Get an extra 35% off already reduced sale items with code 'WOW35'!

I may have done a little splurging on myself for Christmas at Rebecca Minkoff! Have you bought anything in the sales?

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  1. I loved these style dresses shortly after my son was born as well. They are easy access to the boobs and did not cling too tightly. You look great!
    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion

    Instagram| Bloglovin'| Facebook

  2. Happy new week Mica! I adore both dress and it's awesome how the bag compliments perfectly. You look beautiful as always.

    Have a wonderful week. I hope you are feeling better & I'll keep you and your family in prayer!


  3. Oh no, I hope everyone is feeling better now! I love both of these dresses and the purple accents. I need to wear that color more, I love it. I hope you have a good week Mica!

  4. Wrap dresses really are perfect for every occasion! Dressed up or down, any season...such a great piece for anyone.
    And oh no!!! I'm glad you're all better now though. Rashes and getting sick are no fun

  5. Here I am still haven't bought my first wrap dress until today. I can see why you're a fan of it though, it's so versatile!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  6. I love both of these wrap dresses! I also always love seeing how you have worn hings while pregnant and not. You do such a good job of that! The purple and black is so pretty.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Wow Mica! So glad you went to the doctor. How scary! I wonder what triggered that reaction. I have certain food & sun allergies. If I don't take precautions my face swells. I'm just getting over a cold. Hope you guys are doing better. I love both outfits, but my fave is the second dress. How gorgeous! Love the pop of color with the necklace. I had a nice Thanksgiving, but I had to nurse a cold. Still getting over that. I did catch some really good sales. Just some stuff I wanted earlier this year, but they offered deep discounts. Thanks for asking :D

  8. That striped dress has got to be my most favorite piece you've shared, it looks AMAZING on you! It's such an essential too, as you can do so much with it. Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you have a great week!



  9. I am so sorry to hear about how badly you reacted to something, swelling up so much despite the antihistamine! Good thing you are feeling better now. As someone just recovered from gastro I can relate to you saying it wasn't the best week!

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  10. I love wrap dresses too! They are so easy and flattering.
    Glad you are feeling better now - do you know what you had the reaction too?

  11. Wrap dresses are such a classic silhouette and they're so versatile as well since they can be easily dressed up or down depending on how you style them. Happy new week Mica!

  12. Oh dear, I'm so glad you are doing better - how scary to be all swollen like that! I love these dresses - they look amazing on you. Good call on the cami underneath for work coverage!

  13. I am glad you are doing much better lovely. I have been ill myself but getting much better now. Wish you the best and you look gorgeous :)

  14. I love both of those wrap dresses on you! You inspire me to actually try dressing differently instead of my boring jeans and tops all the time.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  15. Yet to find the perfect wrap dress to wear for pregnancy... they all seem to be made of non-stretchy polyester! :( :( I used to have a great Supre black one that was stretchy and had the cutest puffy sleeves. Perhaps I'll have to splash out and buy a classic DVF one?

    And what a drama for everyone's health that week! I'm assuming everyone's OK by now... but it wouldn't have been a happy household for a little while I bet!!

    Eileen |

  16. Wrap dresses are everyone's friend, right!? They look so flattering and can be so comfortable to wear for hours on end! The striped one is my favourite out of these two looks - you look lovely!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Giveaway: Passionata Lingerie Festive Lulu Bralette Set!

  17. Wrap dresses are so much giving and everyone's secret keeper I feel! The weather is too cold here to wear them but in summers they become one of my staples. I love your styling especially in the first one! :)

  18. Oh dear! I had Gastro on holiday in Zante ad it wasn't fun at all. Hope everyone is okay now. I love the purple vest under your dress!

    Corinne x

  19. Love what you wore in both photos. I actually didn't notice the rash even when I scrolled back up again to take a second look on your knee area. And I love your purple Balenciaga bag. It really went well with your outfits. :)


  20. Aw no I hope you're all better now! I love wrap dresses and both of these are lovely - the jersey wrap dress looks right up my street as it looks so comfy too! Wrap dresses are definitely great for work, I always wear a little vest underneath for a bit more coverage too - the purple with the black looks lovely,
    Amy xx

  21. Oh you bought another RM bag?!?! yaya !!

  22. I think i mentioned that I love your gorgeous bag, this is so rich! These wrap dresses are so flattering, and the black and white patterns work great with colors you have added. They are timeless!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

  23. Oh Mica I envy your handbag collection. One day I am going to make my way to Australia just to raid your wardrobe. Your bags are practical and gorgeous. They complement any outfit you wear so well. Love your wrap dresses too

  24. you look perfect in those wrap dresses! i love this style so much, it's probably my favorite ever style for dress and definitely best to suit my body

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